Natural Indoor Flea Control

Scratching from fleas? Here are some natural indoor flea control ideas

Got fleas? Looking for a non-toxic, natural indoor flea control that won’t harm you or your dog? Read on.

Fleas are tiny, pesky external parasites that feed off the blood of your dog, you and any other pets you may have.

Think that fleas are only a problem in the warmer summer months, think again. With the average temperature being above normal – at least where I live – fleas can be a problem year round. Check out this cool tool that can tell you more about your local flea activity.

Once you have a flea problem it is tough work to get rid of them. Fleas can be very difficult to locate on your dog and for every one flea that you find on your dog, there are at least 10 or more in your environment, plus countless eggs just waiting to hatch. Prevention is the key.

But, if you already have fleas, along with treating your dogs – and any other animals in your house – it is very important to also treat for fleas in your home and maybe even outside of your home.

Natural indoor flea control

Don’t let fleas drive you nuts, use a natural indoor flea control to send fleas packing

There are many toxic flea killing products that you can buy, but what about natural indoor flea control products. There are natural indoor flea control products that you can buy that dry out the flea eggs and larvae, but you can use good old borax. Borax can be found in your local supermarket in the laundry care aisle. The Borax basically works by dehydrating the eggs and larvae. First, thoroughly vacuum your carpet and then just sprinkle the Borax in your carpet, on your furniture, and any bedding that can be vacuumed but not washed. Next, with a dry mop or broom brush the Borax into the carpet. Let the Borax sit at least overnight, then vacuum thoroughly. You may need to repeat this a few times if you have a heavy infestation of fleas.

In addition to treating your carpet with a natural indoor flea control product, you also need to wash as many things in hot, soapy water as you can. This includes any bedding, throw rugs, pillows and clothes.

You can also make a homemade natural flea trap, all you need is a bowl, water, dish soap and a light. Place a soapy bowl of water underneath a light and the fleas will jump in the dish and drown. The fleas are attracted to the light and when they jump in the bowl they can not get out.

There are some essential oils and herbs that are effective natural indoor flea control options. However, you can’t use essential oils around cats and some of the herbs can be toxic if ingested. Pennyroyal is a good flea repellant, however it is toxic if ingested by dogs. If you have a dog that are certain will not eat his bed, you can place some pennyroyal in his bed. Cedar and citronella can be mixed with water and misted on your dog when he goes outside to prevent him from bringing fleas back in. Just mic one teaspoon of each with a quart of water.


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