Natural Outdoor Flea Control

Easy and cheap natural outdoor flea control tactics

Your dog’s flea problem all began in the great outdoors. So while you are busy treating your dog and using natural indoor flea control methods, you really should also be using natural outdoor flea control methods too.

You may be saying to yourself “how am i possibly supposed to treat my whole yard for fleas?” Using non-toxic, natural outdoor flea control can you can easily do this.

Your yard could be home to thousands, if not more, fleas and maybe even ticks and other unwanted pests.

The simplest thing that you can do for natural outdoor flea control is to keep your grass short. Longer grass helps to protect fleas from the sun. Ticks also like longer grass, so not only will keeping your grass short help with fleas, but with ticks as well. Watering your lawn will also help in flea control because if will the flea eggs.

Nematodes - Your ultimate natural outdoor flea control weapon

Nematodes – Your ultimate natural outdoor flea control weapon

Another natural outdoor flea control tip is to use nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic worms that are naturally found in soil that feed on flea larvae. In addition to eating flea larvae, nematodes will eat over 200 other pests living in your yard including: spidermites, fungus gnat, weevils, grubs, gypsy moths, cutworms and many more. Nematodes search, find, and kill pests living in the soil. They are extremely effective, and will provide you with long lasting organic pest control.

Nematodes are totally harmless to you, your dog, your yard, and our environment. Nematodes must be applied to your yard at the beginning of flea season and in a cool, shady place. You should be able to find nematodes at your local garden store or home improvement store.

Plant pennyroyal around your yard. Pennyroyal is a natural flea repellent. It is toxic if ingested by your dog, so please if you use pennyroyal place it in a place that your dog can not get to and eat.

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