Natural Dog Nutrition

So many choices…dry dog food, canned dog food, home cooked dog food, raw dog food…What to do

So much of our dog’s health stems from the quality – or lack of quality – of the dog food that we feed our dogs.

Plus, watch the news or check out this site, dog food advisor, and look at all of the recalls. It is scary to think about what bad, potentially toxic things that we could be feeding our dogs. If you really want an idea of some of the disgusting things that goes into some dog foods read the book “Food pets die for” by Ann Martin. It will be a real eye-opener.

Check out the list, even foods that are labeled as premium, super healthy foods are now listed on the dog food recall list. It’s not just the cheap, low quality foods.

With so many choices and types, how do we know which one is right for us and our dogs?

Go to any store and look around, you will see so many different brands and different types that it can be hard to choice. Dog food is big business. The dog food manufacturers have such enormous marketing budgets, everyone touts theirs as the best, it’s hard to know what to believe.

Whatever you choose – dry food, canned food, home cooked food, or raw – do your research, compare ingredients, don’t fall for a particular kind of dog food because of the flashy, colorful bags proudly displaying that theirs is the best or most natural food. There is a lot of tricky that is sometimes involved. If you pick a commercially prepared dog food, you really need to look at the ingredients.

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