Dog Food Recipes

Dog food recipes that your dog will go nuts fo

Dog food recipes that your dog will go nuts for

With dogs getting sick from food and all the recalls from dog food manufacturers, it’s no wonder people are looking to keep their dogs healthy by making their own dog food.

Here you will find a collection of dog food recipes. It’s important to note that most dog food manufacturers and probably even your own vet will advise against you home cooking for your dog. And they will stress how difficult, it not impossible it will be for you to balance the dog food recipe. This is not true, those statements are motivated by greed and ignorance.

Yes it is true that if you decide to use your own dog food recipes you will need to supplement your dog’s food (which you should be doing despite what food you are feeding). It is not vitally important that every meal be balanced, just like your meals. I’d bet that not all of the meals that you eat are balanced. What is important is that you feed a variety of meats (including organs and fish), vegetables, fruits, and grains (if you choose to add grains to your dog food recipes).

If you exclusively home cook for your dog it is extremely important to add calcium and omega 3 fish oil to the dog food recipe. My holistic vet recommends adding 400 mg of calcium per cup of food. And, unless I am feeding fish this day, I give them 1 krill oil. Plus, don’t forget your good multi-vitamin, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. I find that my dogs’ stools are loose – not diarrhea loose – with home cooking, so I throw in a little fiber supplement. And that’s it!



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  1. Dry dog food typically makes up some or most of a dog’s diet. How do we know we’re giving him the right food? Your editors have everything we need to know about must-have ingredients and those to avoid, plus the basics on how to read a dog-food label.

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