Diarrhea in Dogs

Diarrhea in dogs, what a crappy subject, but it happens to all of us.

You come home from a long day at work and find that your dog has diarrhea all over the house, what fun! What can you do to help relieve diarrhea in dogs, naturally, you wonder? Lots!

Diarrhea in dogs is a very common concern for dog owners and a frequent reason that owners take their dog to the vet. Diarrhea in dogs may come on quickly and leave just as quickly, it may stay around for days, or get worse over time.

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If your dog is acting sick, vomiting, not eating, if the diarrhea is exceptionally smelly (you will know and go running for the hills), if the diarrhea is covered in a layer of mucous, or if there is blood in his stool, a vet check maybe necessary. But if this is an acute attack of diarrhea, there are natural things that you can do to help to get rid of the diarrhea and to help to keep it from coming back.

Diarrhea in dogs can be caused by many things – which is why a vet check may be necessary. Just a few of the causes of diarrhea in dogs can be:

  • Eating or drinking something bad
  • Getting into the trash
  • Eating something new (like switching over different brands of food to quickly)
  • Worms
  • Medical conditions, like IBD (Irritable bowel disease)
  • A side effect from certain medications

Here are some of the things that you can do at home to help treat and prevent future attacks of diarrhea in dogs:

    • Diarrhea in dogs is commonly caused by an imbalance of the gut flora. The intestines are filled with good (and bad) bacteria that help to digest food, produce vitamins, and keep the immune system strong. Often adding a good daily probiotic will help to keep diarrhea at bay in the long run. Probiotics help to repopulate the gut with the good bacteria.
    • Rest the digestive tract by with-holding food. By resting the digestive tract this allows inflammation to go down and self-healing to begin.
    • Once you do re-introduce food, offer a bland diet of low-fat beef or chicken breast and white rice or pumpkin for a few days and only offer a small amount of food and water frequently throughout the days, instead of bigger meals.

Pumpkins aren't only a nutrition super food, but they also are packed with fiber to help prevent diarrhea in dogs

Pumpkins aren’t only a nutrition super food, but they also are packed with fiber to help prevent diarrhea in dogs

  • Add canned 100% pure pumpkin (not canned pumpkin pie mix) to your dog’s diet. Pumpkin is filled with lots of stool firming fiber (among many other excellent vitamins and anti-oxidants). Most dogs love the taste of pure pumpkin. Add 1/4 to 1 cup of pure pumpkin, depending on size of dog, to diet daily.
  • Add sweet potatoes and yams to your dog’s diet. Sweet potatoes and yams have natural substances in them that naturally decrease inflammation in the intestines.
  • Here are some homemade recipes that will help combat diarrhea in dogs

Watch this video from Dr. Karen Becker for more information on diarrhea and treatments

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