A Natural and Cost Effective Medicine for Dog Acne

Like we humans, dogs are also subjected to pimples. However, they don’t care about it like we do as they lack the social stigma in their community. However, it doesn’t mean that these species are free from discomfort due to pimples. They also face issues as a result of pimples bumping their cute facial expressions. Most of us fail to realize this, though. We take actions mostly when the acne turns out to be a serious problem.

Similar to our case, an infected dog also takes the reflex action by scratching pimples. Acne usually occurs on puppies over adult dogs, with the face being the most affected area.

There are several reasons for the formation of acnes on dogs. The major reason is the bacterial infection. It results in the blocking of oil glands, thus forming bumps on the body. Acne in dogs also forms when scatting irritates the hair follicles, leads to the inflammation of the glands. Sometimes, the imbalance of hormones in body is also a causative factor for pimples in dogs.

Why Pet Acne Clear?

Pet Acne Clear is a homeopathic medicine for the prevention of acne symptoms in cats and dogs. It helps in temporarily relieving the symptoms of acne and improve the health of pet’s skin for a natural- clear complexion.

Reasons to Choose Pet Acne Clear as a Medicine for Dog Acne

Prevent Dog Acne

Pet Acne Clear is a non-addictive, safe and a natural remedy which contains 100% homeopathic ingredients. It briefly controls the formation of benign acnes and bumps in dogs and other pets.

It is quite easy to use as well. All you need to do is to spray the medicine over the area where acne has been detected.

All the Pet Acne Clear biochemical tissue salts and homeopathic products are produced in cGMP- compliant and FDA-registered pharmaceutical facility. They own provisions under the control of responsible authorities and individual homeopaths.

Relevance of Maintaining Healthy Skin in Pets

Most of us have fought and struggled with bad skin in our awkward teenage years. But it is hard to imagine that our pets can also go through the similar circumstance! Nonetheless, many cats and dogs are subject to skin issues.

A remarkable sign that your pet may be experiencing problems with their skin is the presence of black head and red bumps around the lips and chin. It is because of the excess amount of oil produced by the oil glands or because of the changes in hormones.

The Natural Way for Preventing Dog Acne

How to Prevent Dog Acne

Homeopathic cures and solutions have been used for 100s of years for temporarily relieving the symptoms of acne in pets and helping the overall health of the skin.

Because of the unique manufacturing procedures, homeopathic cures are safe for animals of all and any ages. As a result, these remedies can create a huge difference without compromising the health.

Ingredients of Pet Acne Care

Pet Acne Care is 100% homeopathic and consists of the following ingredients in equal amounts. It has the following purposes/indications:

  • Antimonial tartaricum which means pustular acne and pustular eruptions.
  • Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum:
    • Papules prone to suppurate
    • Abscesses
    • Boils
    • Acne in youth
    • Every kind of suppurative conditions
  • Kali Bromatum:
    • Face acne
    • Itching on face, shoulders, and chest
    • Pustules
    • Pustular eruptions
    • Acne-like eruptions
  • Natrum muriaticum:
    • Oily and greasy especially on the hairy parts
    • Fever blisters
    • Dry eruptions
    • Acne eruptions localized on forehead
    • urticaria