Dog Skin Allergies

How to Prevent the Skin Allergies in Dogs?

No idea? Don’t worry! Here we have a reliable solution to choose for your pet.

Allergy Itch Ease is a natural medicine for the skin allergy symptoms of cat and dog including scratching and excessive licking in their body parts.

The major uses of this medicine are as follows:

  • Homeopathic medicine, which briefly imparts relief from excessive chewing, licking and scratching because of the skin allergies in pets.
  • It soothes and relieves the symptoms of dermatitis, pruritus, and skin allergies.
  • Aids in calming the pets by relieving irritated areas and the itching causes.
  • Helps in maintaining the sensory balance of the skin.

Symptoms of Dog Skin Allergies

Dog Skin Allergies

The skin has a guarding and securing barrier which helps in ensuring that the animals do not itch constantly. Nonetheless, some other factor like food allergies and grass allergies can lead this barrier of protection in the skin to slightly weaken. Due to this, the weakening of the nerve endings in the surface of the skin become irritated, which ultimately causes a common itching sensation on the skin.

A lot of factors should consider while locating the reasons of the dog skin allergies.

The allergies which affect the skin of the pet can be due to one or many of the following:

  • Food ingredients
  • Fleas
  • Contact with the allergens
  • Airborne particles

You might have noticed your pet scrubbing or stroking his face with the paws and rubbing against the floor or the furniture. It is because your pets tend to seek relief for their symptoms through these kinds of actions or by chewing, licking, or incessantly scratching their bodies. However, this kind of practices ultimately worsens the condition of the skin.

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Open eruptions and scales are the sites of constant scratching and licking, which begins to appear later. Also, hair loss can be seen on the legs and around the eyes and ears.

Natural Treatment for the Common Symptoms of Allergies of Skin in Cats and Dogs

Dog Skin Allergy Itch Ease

Allergy Itch Ease is an effective, safe and a non-addictive natural remedy which is made up of 100% homeopathic ingredients. Composed by the team of experts in the natural medicine, this drug is specially formulated for relieving the common symptoms of dermatitis, pruritus and skin allergies among cats and dogs. It also briefly reduces the typical symptoms like chewing, constant licking and scratching because of its sudden action.

This medicine is an active and effective homeopathic formulation of remitting cellular and skin health in the pets. Using a proprietary, unique blend of scientifically selected and highly diluted natural substances are used.

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Allergy Itch Ease offers a useful and safe option for the healthy skin of cats and dogs. Due to the functional nature, it provides temporary relief from irritated areas and itchiness.

Mainly, this homeopathic medicine is available in 2 convenient forms- either in the form of a spray or dissolvable granules to suit the preference of your pet.

Both forms are simple to manage. You can sprinkle the granules on the food your pet consumes or feed them orally, and it will get absorbed. The spray you can use directly on the mouth of your pet or you can spray their water or food.

Pet Alive Allergy Itch Ease