Natural flea control

Need natural flea control?

Flea control on your dog doesn’t need to be toxic, there are lots of natural flea control options available for your dog.

The best and most natural flea control tip to keep fleas off of your dog is to keep his immune system working it’s best. This is the ultimate flea repellant! Fleas are attracted to the weak, sick and old dogs because of the immune system not working correctly. Check here for the top dog health tips to help your dog’s immune system to function properly.

natural flea control

A flea comb is a special comb that offers a simple and free natural flea control for your dog

If you have an ongoing flea problem a simple and free natural flea control method would be to brush your dog daily using a flea comb. Run the flea comb gently in the direction of the fur. If you get any fleas off of your dog simply put the live flea in a cup of soapy water and it will drown.

Another natural flea control alternative is to supplement your dog’s food with garlic. Although garlic is considered a food that you should avoid feeding your dog, it is safe to give in smaller amounts. When your dog eats garlic it taints your dog’s blood with a taste that fleas hate. Garlic is also an excellent immune booster. Most dogs readily like the taste of garlic. You can safely supplement a clove of garlic to a 50 lb dog. Please check with your vet to see what dosage he recommends. Do not supplement your cat with garlic.

Although most of the topical flea medicine – like Frontline or Advantage – available through your vet are considered “safe” (whatever the EPA decided that means), they are not without side effects. Even if they are considered “safe” these topical flea medicines are still pesticides, which are toxins. The side effects of these topical flea medicines have a range of potential side effects, including: skin irritation, hair loss, gastro-intestinal upset, seizures, or death. Of course most dogs do generally have no side effects from the use of topical flea medicines. And, as much as this hurts me to say, if you have a serious flea infestation already in place it may be necessary to use these topical flea medications until you can get rid of the fleas and then begin a more natural flea control plan. If you are going to use a topical flea medicine I would highly recommend using a good natural liver detox supplement for a week afterwards. Everything that we put into or on our bodies is filtered through our liver, detoxing will help the liver get rid of the toxin more quickly and effectively. A good liver detox supplement is Milk Thistle, please consult your holistic vet for a good dosage for your dog.

Under no circumstances would I ever use the over the counter flea medicines, like Hartz or Sergeants, or similar over the counter flea medicines. These products are considered neuro-toxins, which mean they work by damaging the nervous system, not only that of the flea but also your dog. The potential side effects of these flea medicines are much more severe than the Frontline or Advantage products that you can buy through your vet.

Here is a more in-depth article on topical flea medicines from The Whole Dog Journal.

There is a neat (at least I think) natural flea control product that works with your dog’s energy field. It’s called a flea tag, it works for ticks too. It is totally non-toxic, chemical and pesticide free, with zero side effects. The downsides of the flea tag are:

  • The initial investment is more than what a month supply of topical flea medicine is (but it lasts for years so over time you do save money, on top of eliminating potential years of toxins that you would be putting on your dog)
  • The flea tag is not for a current flea problem – it takes up to 3 weeks to get full potency
  • And it must stay on your dog to maintain potency

I personally have never used the flea tag, but I have read many positive things about it. Many manufacturers of the flea tag over a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if you are skeptical.

Here is a short youtube video about the flea tag.

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