Overweight in Dogs: What to Do?

Worried About Your Dog Being Overweight?

Wish to know one simple secret which can aid your overweight dog in losing weight and live longer?

To execute the right strategy successfully, every plan of weight loss should be based on the following simple principle.

“The dogs who consume lesser calories than they burn can lose weight.”

Easy, right? Still, if losing weight was easy, why would so many pets suffering from being overweight?

Overweight Dogs Epidemic

overweight dog

In today’s time, the dogs are fatter than they have ever been. It is estimated that 45% of all the dogs of US are either obese or overweight. That ends up at a total count of 35 million dogs!

The worst part is that obesity, or overweight in dogs, can prove to be life-threatening.

Slender Pet is an herbal supplement to support the healthy metabolism and weight loss in dogs and cats. It aids in promoting healthy body weight. It also provides healthy metabolism, keeps body weight in check, maintains healthy energy levels and common well-being. This herbal supplement takes care of your pets’ skin and coat wellness, too.

Slender Pet


Slender Pet is a natural herbal remedy, non-addictive and 100% safe formulated by a team of experts in the natural medicine field. They assist the pets in maintaining a healthy body weight. It can also be used in blend and sequence with a healthy diet plan to boost up the energy levels and healthy metabolism.

All the PetAlive products are manufactured in a cGMP- docile pharmaceutical facility and FDA-registered supervision of a team of experts. All of them belong to the naturopaths, herbalists, responsible pharmacists and homeopaths.

The Natural Way


The initial step in supporting and promising healthy body weight in the animals is by examining the lifestyle factors like exercise and diet. The secondary factor is determining whether other factors like sluggish digestive system or boredom could be the reason for shaping your pet fatter than he should be.

Natural anti-dots can be very efficient in supporting the metabolism and healthy digestive systems. It supports the functioning of liver to process the dietary fat which helps in maintaining the extra pounds away from your pet.

The natural medicines can also assist in supporting the vigor and health in the pets. Along with regular exercise and healthy diet, these can aid you pets in naturally maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying a life full of energy and power.

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It is our duty to be sensitive towards our pets that have become habitual of associating the treats with affection and love. Also, we should find other ways of showing our love towards them.

There are so many people who have no control over the consumption of food. They also carelessly and unintentionally train their pets to do the same. This leads to very unhealthy results. It is wrong to estimate that if you didn’t do it, you would be depriving your pets by withholding junk food and treats.

There’s nothing further than the truth. Rather than feeding that tidbit, you should caress your pet. It will make both, you and your pet, feel a lot better and will result in better bonding between you two.